Banquet Halls in Chennai,


Theatre Style

Suitable for functions with speakers addressing a gathering, the arrangement accommodates larger number of persons sitting close together with aisles permitting AV projections and movement of audience. This kind of arrangement is suitable for weddings, birthday parties, lectures, presentations, fashion shows, general body meetings and conferences.

Classroom Style

A variation of the theatre, this arrangement accommodates a less number of people due to the addition of writing tables. Personalised reserved spaces with placards for participants can generate an ambience of intense and diligent participation. Ashtrays, table stationery and microphones add to the comfort and identification with the event. This arrangement is extremely suitable for sales review meetings, press conferences, training sessions, dealer meetings etc.
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Workshop Style

This style has tables placed in an arrangement to form small discussion groups and work groups. It varies from the classroom style by enabling an interactive session where the emphasis of the participant shifts from the podium to one another. It is ideal for workshops, trainings, discussions and other activities involving teamwork.


The three self explanatory illustrated conference styles i.e. the 'U', the Rectangle and the Oval Boardroom have existed not only through the corporate era but the variations have been used for millennia in courts and religious aids meetings. Depending on the number, the closeness required and movement of messages/documents/services, an appropriate arrangement can be chosen. At a suitable location, according to the requirements of the Corporate, a computer can be arranged to help in the preparation of the minutes and maintenance of relevant data. Placards and adequate stationary may prove to be advantageous and are highly recommended.
In addition to all of the above, The Chennai Woodlands also provides special party arrangements to cater to your specific needs. Do let us know about your individual requirements. We will only be too glad to work out details exclusively for you.


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